Lewis Park Master Plan


  • McGregor Coxall
  • Knox City Council
  • Capire Consulting Group
  • Wave Consulting
  • Zinc Cost Management


Aboriginal Nation: Kulin Nation.

Knox City Council engaged McGregor Coxall, with Wave Consulting and Capire Consulting, to undertake a masterplan for Lewis Park and surrounding parklands, which is situated in the heart of Knox Central. The subject site is currently somewhat neglected and significantly underutilised.

Though an important water management asset, as a drainage corridor and water retarding basin, the mono-function of the site and historic civil engineering design has created a landscape disconnected and disengaged from its surroundings, providing minimal social or environmental benefit.

Key Features


As the city grows and densifies, Knox City Council is striving to ensure they continue to provide attractive, liveable places for the existing and emerging community.

This masterplan presents an opportunity to truly make Lewis Park the community heart – a space that balances the needs of the existing community and emerging community, while positively contributing to the environmental values of Knox.

The delivery of the masterplan was a co-generative design process, whereby consultation of community and stakeholders played a key role in informing, shaping and resolving the masterplan.

This included an integrated approach to design and community engagement.


Lewis Park Masterplan, which includes a cost plan and implementation plan, was adopted unanimously by council.

All the councillors were in support of the project and praised the outstanding work that has gone into the design and planning of this ambitious park.

Since the adoption there has been extremely positive feedback from Councillors, Knox officers, the community and even the local press (note from Knox City Council).

Melbourne Water fully support and embrace the masterplan and will be a key partner in the delivery of the water-associated works, understanding that the plan directly contributes to their Healthy Waterways Strategy.


In understanding the role of the park at a local, municipal and city scale, the masterplan proposes a number of initiatives to transform the site into a place that provides a sense of place for the local residential, employment and visitor community, while playing a role as a major municipality open space and important environmental and stormwater corridor.

Initiatives and strategies are based around:
Access & Connectivity;
Water; Environment & Ecologies;
Uses & Activities;
Cultural Sociability; Public Realm Comfort; and,
Urban Form & Materiality.


Proposals to achieve a cultural connection to the landscape and Knox Community include: the daylighting the current piped Blind Creek and the creation of wetlands within the retarding basin to filter water and support local birds and frogs to create a biodiversity hot spot within the urban environment.

The creation of a water holding pond to harvest and re-use excess water in the park and enable Lewis Park to become a net exporter of recycled water.

Strengthening existing remnant and ecologically significant vegetation through expansion and connectivity, while targeting the local habitat interventions to suit specific endangered species.


Central to the masterplan is the proposal to create engaging places that provide a cultural connection to the landscape and Knox community, and to the environment, while ensuring the landscape is making a truly positive contribution to ecology, waterway health and social wellbeing.

It provides engagement with the waterway through access, play, education and engagement. It provides a variety of recreational opportunities to cater for the various ages and interests of residents, while providing equitable access to ensure the park is inclusive, fostering sociability and community.

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