Levity – Wake Up To Racism


  • Lois Vergel
  • Swinburne University of Technology


The idea behind the brand ‘Levity’ and the campaign ‘Wake Up To Racism’ was to create a set of mock everyday products that overtly tackle the subtle forms of racism that happen in day-to-day life.

It focuses on having the confidence to stand up against it and how awareness, empathy and compassion are the key ingredients to making progress on race relations on a personal level.

Key Features


Standing up to casual racism can be challenging as it’s often said in a light-hearted manner. This makes it difficult for bystanders and the person subjected to it to respond in a way that doesn’t brand them as being overly sensitive or unable to take a joke.

However, by not speaking up and calling it out, we unintentionally perpetuate this type of language, attitude and behaviour. By using colourful imagery, bold type and playful copy, this project uses satire as an invitation for people to engage in an honest and nuanced conversation about racism.


These everyday products reflect society’s obsession with self-development as well as our need to consider our own contribution to racism. It’s easy to buy products that improve our health or make us look more physically attractive, but it’s much harder to work on your own biases and preconceptions.

Similarly, it’s easier for us to spot barking racists than it is to consider that we may be contributing to the problem. Levity’s set of everyday products serve as a gentle reminder that our routine interactions can embody the solution to racism.

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