LEUS Utility Services


  • Loctag Environmental Utility Services


Electronic mapping information tag to identify all underground utility services. power, gas, water sewer and storm water replacing paper maps and plans:

I border my design between service design and design strategies , as both applications can be based on supporting , our underground utility services power, gas ,electrical and our environment ,land and water as well as the public it is now the future leaving the past.

Key Features


Electronic Tag

Key design for my electronic mapping information tag ,is to provide information 24/7 within 1 minute of access too collect information. this product was primarily designed to by pass our old maps, plans, as we all know printed 50 years or more now virtually obsolete.
they are permanently inserted into concrete above utility services


Anybody Can Access Info

Anybody including the public ,service personal ,utility services can access this info by scanner ,iPhone or just readable by colour coded imprint no bigger than 50mm diameter. can access the app upon approval of utility service owner.


Diversity of Sign and Electronic Language of all Cultures

These tags are also readable without electronic devices , so that limited info is required by the public , non speaking cultures , and the disabled designed to our diverse cultural world .


Law Suite

They also serve as a protection liability risk assessment against some natural disasters , preventative maintenance ,cost ,law suites


Emergency Services

They are designed to provide emergency services information within 1 minute cutting down cost, time resources and locating 24/7.

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