Leafy Sea Dragon


  • Marc Pascal Pty Ltd


The Leafy Sea Dragon is a suspended luminaire that is dynamic and sensual in its form. It uses 14 x LED, G9 dimmable globes, which are diffused via translucent and optically clear urethane nodes which connect to the main body seamlessly making a weather proof seal.

The light can be mounted vertically or horizontally, in the horizontal format it can be adjusted to create many subtle or dramatic angles to create a dynamic composition.
The body can be coloured by carefully mixing pigments which are added to the Forton main body, this gives a very sensuous, smooth and satin finish.

Key Features


The Leafy Sea Dragon uses a completely different visual vocabulary than most other lighting products on the market. Inspiration comes from that poetic sea creature the Leafy Sea Dragon, I have attempted to create a complex yet simple form that will attract the eye as it lingers over its surface. It is entirely made by hand (from moulds), the only straight planes are the 14 interconnecting node interfaces to the main body.
This light is designed to inspire a further love for nature, hence, no straight lines.


Technical Specifications
14 x 240V G9 LED globes 3W dimmable globes.
Length: 1105mm x 430mm x 430mm.
Colours: white, cream, pink, lemon, blue, grey, black or by request.
Available in: 12V ,110V & 240V.
Materials: Forton technical gypsum, optically clear urethene, micro glass spheres, urethene foam core.
Conforms to IP65.


Design Innovation
Most lighting in the market use popular formats and techniques to create products that are all reasonably similar to each other, i.e. round spun forms, cylinders, tapered cones, we have seen these in a thousand combinations. I have set out to create an inspiring, intuitive, original, intimate and personal product language inspired by nature.


Design Impact
As this is a brand new product I cannot measure the business performance as yet, I sincerely hope it will perform! I have spent a long time and substantial funds to develop this product to this point.

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