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  • Ellis Jones


LCI Education had a plan. A multi-million dollar acquisition of the Academy of Design (Australia), and refurbishment of a heritage warehouse in Collingwood to house their new Australian campus.

With membership to the LCI education network came a name change, and so the Academy of Design became LCI Melbourne. Time was tight to introduce the change to the market, and secure attention at this critical period for student decision making. A visual identity was required to ground the international campus in it’s Melbourne surrounds, along with a campaign to introduce the opportunities that a global connection promises.

Key Features


Entry into the LCI education network is an opportunity to pursue a design education in partnership with campuses around the globe. Learning in different environments and cultures, is something that appeals directly to the university demographic. Listing suburbs, and drawing a direct line to the potential destinations, articulated this idea in a concise, legible way.

We developed a visual identity to mark the Melbourne campus as distinct among the other campuses in the LCI education network. Colour, type and photography were used to differentiate the identity from the leading three ‘design universities’ and carve out a recognisable aesthetic niche.


Bridging a home grown education success story and international investment and interest with a strategic and arresting brand identity has created a unique platform for LCI Melbourne to offer a tertiary creative education like no-other in the Victorian market.

The initial burst of campaign activity was effective, as LCI reached its Trimester 1 enrolment targets. The visual identity and creative direction garnered attention both within Melbourne’s creative community and beyond, with prospective students, their parents and advisors. As a result, February’s domestic leads increased by 34% in comparison to 2017. In March, LCI was well on its way to reaching its Trimester 2 enrollments and officially launched its new campus and brand in with Minister Dalidakis in May 2018.


Investment in strategic design and communications has transformed the market position and potential for growth of the organisation (Formerly Academy of Design Australia), and supported the transition to new facilities and ownership. Partnership with the client beyond the project has opened opportunity for mentoring and internship projects. Our Design Director David Constantine has coached students to deliver brand identity projects for other parts of the broader LCI network.


Locality and authenticity were key to the success of the brand and following campaign. A concerted effort was made to build the design process inclusively of the client (including design educators on staff), students and other local creative (including photographer Heather Lighton). Our focus was to design a system of identity elements that could grow and evolve through the inclusion of more creative perspectives and experience. Not a static programmed identity suite, but a living expression. We believe this captures the vibrancy, grittiness and youth of the location and the target demographic.

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