Layers of Time


  • Julia Boros Design
  • Sketch Creative - Emma Fraguas


Layers of Time is the first digitally printed silk scarf collection from Julia Boros Design. Inspired by the fossils of the Flinders Ranges, the designs feature impressions of Dickinsonia costata, Stromatolites and the rare Mawsonites spriggi. The colours reference the stunning landscape of the region.
This beautiful collection of affordable high-end silk scarves is dedicated to the collaboration of science and design. The collection has been designed to highlight the significance of the unique fossils sites nationally and internationally.

Soft sea beds shifting
Carrying layers of time
Earthly impressions

Key Features


Layers of Time is designed and packaged in Australia. The packaging is made from recycled Kraft board and is recyclable. Every scarf is individually packaged making it ideal for point of sale display, gift giving and postage.
The scarves are made from 100% silk chiffon. The properties of this natural fibre allow it to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Each scarf has hand rolled hems.


Layers of Time is comprised of three designs with varying colourways. The variety of designs and colours allows for a wide appeal within the target market.
Within the rectangular shape lies a high degree of functionality giving the wearer options for configuration.
The conceptual idea for the collection is innovative and as unique as the fossils it describes.


The fossils of the soft bodied creatures collected from the fossil sites in the Flinders Ranges form the basis for defining the first new geological period: the Ediacaran Period. This layer of geological time is defined by a ‘golden spike” or marker. It is the first marker to be defined in the rocks of the Southern Hemisphere, and Australia. The fossils from the Ediacara biota are some of the oldest known examples of complex, multicellular animal life on Earth. Dickinsonia costata and Mawsonites spriggi are examples from the Ediacaran Period.

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