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Victoria has a strong track record of proven success when it comes to transforming startups into high growth frms. Already, six ‘unicorns’ have emerged (REA Group,, SEEK, MYOB, Envato and Aconex) each valued at more than $1 billion – more than any other state in Australia.

Key Features


Early-stage entrepreneurs needed funding process and options clearly communicated to them and help them obtain funds and deal with financial stress. However, Melbourne as a startup hub is not showcased on an international level.


While there is a vibrant and active startup community, there is a need to showcase Victoria as a diverse and internationally recognised centre of startup activity. Conducting guerrilla qualitative and quantitative user research across the startup community to prioritise needs and pain points for our solution.


Participants can create their own profle, showcase their work, display regular updates and status, and connect with others through an easy to use and read way.


We then designed a useful geographical navigational to help users make informed decisions, connect with like minded people, and find business of interest. This approach will also show the impact across Melbourne and Victoria in a more intuitive format.

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