Drawing inspiration from my Middle Eastern heritage, I introduce LATTICE, evoking the beauty and delicate architectural transformation of the Mashrabiya; ornate, geometrically carved screens jutting from ancient windows, synonymous with the mysteries of the Levant.

With form following function, Mashrabiyas were installed to capture breeze creating a cooler, more comfortable interior. These screens diffused the harsh light with intricate & gentle patterns creating light carpets and wall displays pleasing to the eye, comforting the body and calming the spirit.

LATTICE follows this inspiration; illuminating a space while casting patterns, transforming the entire room.

Key Features


Never has it been more important for the spaces we inhabit to be nurturing, uplifting and engaging. While at its most basic we require lighting for safety, the right design also creates ambience and shifts mood, as well as having a strong presence as a design object in its own right. Tailored illumination is transformative on physical, and emotional levels.
LATTICE responds to these criteria by harnessing light for better wellbeing, taking into account the spatial relationship light creates between our built environments and their occupants.


To create a strong emotional bond between the client and their LATTICE, each piece is designed collaboratively, with the client being the axis of the creative team. The client’s individuality, and their relationship to the unique space in which LATTICE will reside is enhanced by the careful selection of infinite pattern, colour and size combinations. Through this collaboration each LATTICE is bespoke and unique.


This year has reinforced my whole long standing commitment to collaborating with, and supporting, local industries. We have amazing artisans in Melbourne, creating high quality, ecologically conscious products. I am constantly researching and sourcing these artisans to engage with..
I took my concept for LATTICE to one of our long standing collaborative manufacturers. They looked at it, said it had never been done but were just as keen as I was to give it a go. Initially we tried 5 axis laser cutting however the complexity of the patternation caused deformity in the final product. Even had this not been the case, the cost of this process made it financially unviable.
After 8 months of experimenting in various metal spinning methods, trying to form a three dimensional object from a two dimensional laced disc that not only adhered to a rigid aesthetic ethos but also conformed to environmentally friendly and economically viable standards, we finally achieved the results we envisaged.
The innovative solution we came up with was the addition of a blank aluminium disc to the spinning process. Each LATTICE starts as a flat piece of laser cut aluminium mounted onto a spinning lathe backed with an additional blank aluminium disc. Both layers are then hand pressed against the spinning steel mold to form its final shape.While LATTICE is a collector piece and expected to last a lifetime, our manufacturing process allows for the breakdown of our product into individual component parts at the end of its life cycle thus ensuring all elements are recyclable and free from cross-contamination.


Victoria’s reputation as an international cultural & design destination is synonymous with its unique multicultural identity. LATTICE showcases this by melding the ancient historical perspective of it’s designers heritage and reinterpreting it in a modern Victorian way. This year the world changed. Less is the focus on large scale grand projects and greater is the awareness of our own individual environments and how they impact on our societal wellbeing. The benchmark has shifted from being how design can benefit society as a whole to support the welfare of the individual to being focussed on the emotional wellbeing of the individual to support society.

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