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A professional lap desk with storage pod for the office nomad: LAPOD, all you need at your fingertips.

LAPOD’s patent-pending design allows you to simply access whatever you have inside your lap desk without disturbing whatever you have on top: everything is within reach when you need it.

Moulded from premium quality nonwoven P.E.T (used in acoustics and auto interiors), a thin-wall monocoque ‘soft’ shell seamlessly integrates the function of a comfortable cushion with a large storage compartment.

In its minimal form, LAPOD is a gentle balance between design specifications, efficient material use, ergonomic considerations, sustainable design and manufacturing processes.

Key Features


No more balancing your laptop on your knee, battery indicator flashing, juggling charger and plug, while searching your bag for your earbuds to take that incoming video call. LAPOD is big enough to hold whatever you require: chargers, cables, mice, portable drives, USBs, tablet, webcam, stylus… or simply a pen and notepad.

Taking cues from the crossover of our home and work environments, LAPOD is a product suited to either; be it working on a laptop in a breakout space of an open plan office or relaxing into the softness of a lounge suite to pen-a-letter.


We are now more than ever a nomadic workforce carrying with us all our devices, peripherals and connected ‘things’. Though packed away in our bag or hidden out of reach in a drawer ‘somewhere’, they become an inconvenience or an interruption to our ‘flow’. Yet, laid out in front of us when unused like an Instagram #flatlay, they are distracting. Having all you need at your fingertips whilst simultaneously providing the necessary ‘blank slate’ with which one can focus provides the much-needed mental clarity and calm in this age of distraction. LAPOD’s real-life impact is its frictionless user experience.


LAPOD’s environmental credentials go beyond the factory doors and into shipping and logistics for global distribution. The design of the two separable parts allows vertical stacking of individual elements without creating negative space or voids such that there is no transportation of expensive ‘dead air’ (often the case with storage products and furniture).

Although highly durable and long lasting, at eventual end-of-life these same two single-material parts require no disassembly: P.E.T is recyclable and bamboo biodegradable.

So, a design transformation of the distribution chain prior to the useful life of the product then extends well into the products afterlife.


Concept development involved finding the most suitable complementary materials and manufacturing processes allowing for essential user features without adding unnecessary parts, over-mouldings, fabrication processes or assembly. Many alternatives were explored, from formed leather to moulded silicone.

Moulding premium quality nonwoven fibre into a rigid felt for the storage pod was an innovation that resulted in a material that is soft to touch yet sturdy and tough, thin and lightweight yet strong, colour-fast and textured yet completely washable. In the end, the brief for a soft ‘homely’ feel was achieved with a deeply textural aesthetic that is 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

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