Langtree Mall Pavillion


  • Bellemo & Cat


This Pavilion was designed as part of an upgrade to Langtree Mall in the center of Mildura which saw the transformation of the main shopping mall into the civic heart of the town.
The pavilion needed to become the all weather outdoor gathering place for civic events providing much needed shade as well as a sculptural landmark that attracted both residents and visitors into the center of town.
For this rural town this is integrated architecture that provides an umbrella for people both physically and socially, providing shade and creating public space.

Key Features


The inspiration for the pavilion was found in the agriculture landscape around Mildura, the patterns in the cultivated land were translated into an elevated inverted canopy. The striated shade recasts the shadow of the rural landscape onto the urban landscape as well as providing a colourful landmark.
The combination of the area to be covered and the cost meant this structure had to be pragmatic , it covers a large area with the minimum of material.
In a nod to agricultural engineering this shade structure is suspended in a no nonsense and practical way which also fits its basic budget.

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