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Landcare represents over 60,000 members across the state of Victoria, all working together to improve our environment and promote sustainable land practices. It is one of Victoria’s most successful community projects, with over 30 years of dedicated participation and membership.

The new Landcare website allows the entire community to share stories and successes with each other, assisted by well-designed front-end forms and an intelligent content tagging system. The result is an intelligent and useful content eco-system that allows new knowledge to be shared and discovered, both within the community and with the people of Victoria.

Key Features


Enabling collaboration for public benefit:
The new website facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas and action between what have traditionally been disparate and disconnected Landcare groups. Through the use of an intelligent tagging system, previously siloed information has been linked by theme, allowing groups to find new information from across the community, or connect with similar groups that may help them in their efforts.


An easy-to-use publishing interface:
The content of the Landcare site is contributed and maintained by its members. This meant we needed to create a simple process for uploading information, one that doesn’t require expert knowledge in using IT systems. Members can log in through the website and update information using well designed, intuitive forms. This was a massive improvement from their previous website, which required users to read an instruction manual before uploading any new information.


The Victorian Landcare Magazine is now online:
Landcare Victoria publish a quarterly magazine and wanted to take it online. We developed a structure for the online magazine that allowed articles to be shared on social media, linked to groups and matched to resources. Magazine articles now play a crucial role in promoting Landcare to a broader audience and encouraging members to visit and use the website.


Every group has key information listed on a single page:
The new website is on its way to featuring all Landcare groups (over 1000 across Victoria) with some important information now listed for the very first time. Key information such as contact details, map location, group purpose and upcoming meetings can be viewed for all groups. This is a major step forward for Landcare Victoria, as their previous website listed almost all groups, but close to 90% of those groups had little to no information listed.

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