• Studio Loza
  • City Living (Australia) Pty. Ltd


Lamp ʻCLOUDʼ is designed for both residential and commercial applications; it consists of 3 identical wave profiles which are attached to each other to create an asymmetrical shape. Inserted into the groove of each wave profile is strip LED lighting. This unique design of Lamp ʻCLOUDʼ is highly versatile as it can be adapted to become either a ceiling, wall, pendent or a standard floor lamp, additionally, in a commercial interiors it can be as a continuous stream in corridors. For aesthetic reasons the transformer and all wiring are concealed and form part of the structural lamp design.

Key Features


Lamp ʻCLOUDʼ is manufactured in 3 lengths: 3,300mm, 1,800mm and 1,500 mm
The material applied for the pictured ceiling lamp was Oak veneer on plywood whilst the pendant
lamp is finished in silver leaf on plywood. The lamp allows for varied material finishes.
Eco friendly products are used in the production
– FSC Veneered plywood is laminated with non-toxic glue
– Profiles are finished in non-toxic natural hard wax
Lamp CLOUD is manufactured in Melbourne.
LED stripes make the lamp energy efficient.
Lamp can be installed into any building construction.

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