La Trobe University Research Office


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  • Grant Cheyne
  • Marshall Day


Latrobe University Research Office has launched a pilot Exemplar Workplace, which presents a paradigm shift in workplace design.

It is believed to be a world first in demonstrating the power of Team Based Working, where the design strategy addresses the problems of traditional Open Plan and Activity Based Working.

The workplace supports small teams who, in turn, support the individual – drawing upon the principles of team dynamics and positive psychology.

The measures of success have moved from individual efficiency and productivity to faster, more innovative business outcomes.

Key Features


Team Space:

• Each team has a place to call home – people know where and with whom they work. Their semi-enclosed team space shares visual connection with other teams. Relationships build between team members, as they learn to collectively solve problems and support individuals. Team members can flourish in a safe environment.
• The layout provides walls and personal space to create a sense of acoustic and visual privacy.
• Personal and team storage adjacent to the team domain reduces set up and pack up time.
• Unallocated desks encourage external collaborators and mentors to work within the space.


Team Tools:

• Each individual is issued with mobile devices, a laptop and soft phone, and collaboration tools have been implemented to allow for greater mobility and face to face collaboration.
• Each desk is equipped with dual monitors and a docking port. This enables less reliance on paper.


Team Playbook:

• The Team Playbook sets out behaviours and protocols, including structured and disciplined collaboration, sharing of information and resources, greater mobility and face to face communication. The Playbook enables team to be more agile, innovative and collaborative, while building a ‘team of teams’ culture.

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