L.E.U.S Loctag Environmental Utility Services


  • Alan Ngati


Loctag (short for location tags), the newest concept of replacing maps and plans within our drainage systems and waterways.

To be able to locate and read information 24/7 on every asset of manholes or storm water pits including direction of flow.

This product provides information, visually, electronically and physically of any buried asset such as water, power and gas as well as telstra cables.

Key Features


Key Features are:
– Provides information to the public and utility services 24/7.
– Replaces maps or plans currently required.
– Readable in sign language.
– Permanently placed into concrete (1-off job) no return.
– Environmentally proven and sustainable.
– International, world-wide application.

Benefits and value within the water waste industry of sewer/ stormwater:
Saves time.
Saves water.
Can prevent law-suits.
Saves resources.
Saves on costs.
Works 24/7.
Provides support to our emergency services.
Getting people back to work.
Employ those who are disadvantaged, sole parents, over 50s, over and under weight people and those who maybe discriminated against.


Locate Power, gas, electrical assets underground. Uses a method called NDD (non-destructive digging), this is used in conjunction with height pressure ater and vacuum unit to dig down to utility services required. Once located we then bury the service and place a loctag above ground, giving true asset reading and depth.

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