Kyron Audio Kronos Dipole Loudspeaker System


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The Kyron Audio Kronos is a no compromise, ultra-high fidelity, plug and play audio reproduction system. A combination of loudspeakers and audio electronics, its opened back design allows the speakers to be directly driven by the audio signal with the absolute minimum of added resonance, smearing or compression. In addition to the inbuilt amplification, pre-amplifier and digital to analogue converters, the system also employs advanced software and digital signal processing hardware to perfect the musical experience. Not driven by market pressures or assumed norms, Kyron Audio has developed a loudspeaker system that is bold, distinctive, musical, truthful and truly innovative.

Photography and image production is by Cameron Scott, Victoria, Australia.

Key Features


1. Each Kyron Audio Kronos is built to order and hand assembled in Victoria, Australia. Each part of the multi-layered structure is aligned perfectly to create a stable and silent platform for the speaker drivers to operate from. The sculptural styling of the speaker system was modelled for both aesthetics and strength and is in itself a representation of what is possible when innovation and performance are given high priority. With styling cues taken from contemporary architecture, the Kronos is a striking and thought provoking artistic piece that speaks strongly even when it is silent.


2. Cutting edge digital audio technology including linear-phase crossovers, time alignment, frequency response correction, phase correction and room correction. Being able to correct the frequency and phase of the output ensures that what you hear is as close as possible to what was recorded. The signal then travels directly to our own proprietary dipole correction electronics that allow the woofers to be used without a box.


3. Kronos includes a transparent remote control preamplifier to facilitate connection of your choice of source components. Connect your digital source to one of the Kronos’ three digital inputs to allow your music direct, unconverted access to the Kronos’ Digital Signal Processing or connect your phono stage or any analogue audio output to one of the two mastering grade analogue inputs. The Kronos also offers an asynchronous USB audio input to allow connection of a media server or computer with USB output.


4. The Kronos system is powered by six channels of extremely low distortion power amplifiers, capable of producing a total of more than two and a half thousand Watts of power. The amplifiers are directly connected to the speaker drivers, with nothing but high grade speaker cable in between. This gives the amplifiers complete and exacting control over the movement of the speakers, allowing precise starting and stopping of the signal, effortless control and immense levels of dynamic contrast.


5. The Kronos employs customised and hand assembled woofer drivers, mounted from the back of the motors to reduce vibration and improve dynamics. A low distortion, high excursion midrange driver has been utilised, as well as technologically advanced ring radiator tweeters. The drivers have been painstakingly selected for their lack of any sonic signature. They convey the full emotion, timbre, transient detail and dynamics of the music being played with conviction and truth.

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