KWIKfit™ Soft Closer


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The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is the ground breaking new product which enables a sliding screen door to catch whilst softly and slowly coming to a complete close. The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer’s unique design allows the door to have minimal resistance when opening. The sleek and non-intrusive design fits seamlessly within the frame of the door, giving the door a premium feel to the end user, with a balance of style, comfort and performance. This product brings the elegance of soft closing drawer type system to the security door industry, providing a creature comfort add on for any household.

Key Features


The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer’s unique and patented design is a first within the security door industry. The products ability to latch onto the security door 80mm before it reaches the closing jamb eliminates the slam that the security door inevitably makes when closing. In addition, it has minimal resistance when opening, proving that it is not only novel but functional. The force reduction from the soft closing mechanism also minimises the chance of injury and pinching of fingers due to its soft closing function, making it a welcomed addition to any home.


The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer has numerous benefits that have major impact on the hardware within a security door system. A key being the products ability to softly close the door has a major impact on the doors lifespan. Without the constant slamming, the doors hardware is no longer taking significant wear thus eliminating the needs for replacement. The raw materials used in a security door can be detrimental to the environmental if constantly being replaced. In addition, the financial implications on households not needing to replace the door and eliminating maintenance calls could save thousands on any home.


The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer has the ability to revolutionize the screen door industry. The first of its kind, the product gives the perfect balance between safety, design and functionality that the screen door industry is desperately lacking. The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer’s primary function in the design criteria was to silence the slam when closing the security door. Previously, any product considered similar were bulky and unappealing, but the uniqueness of this product allows it to fit within the confines of the door and seamlessly disappear within the frame like no other.


The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is unlike any other product within the screen door market. It brings an element of finesse and precision that has been lacking within the security door industry until now. The reduction in noise when slamming the door will no longer be a desire and will soon become a necessity. The soft closing mechanism not only reduces the loud slams, it also reduces the possibility of getting children’s fingers caught and causing injuries. In addition, probability of damaging the doors locking hardware is reduced, leaving the security door in top condition for a longer time span.


The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer meets an unrealised need within the market which will soon become a necessity in all homes. The product is a first within the industry and was carefully engineered to transform the screen door market, providing a much-needed addition to an industry in desperate need of innovation. It makes an easy addition to anyone looking for a premium yet practical addition to their home. The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is non handed which in turn reduces inventory levels and can be pre-installed at the factory or retrofitted to fit and function within existing screen doors.

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