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KU is a national not-for-profit organisation, providing affordable childcare for families and professional development courses for teachers. They support the Australian childcare industry as an employer.

KU’s website had become extremely outdated and ineffective, so they commissioned Yump to transform their website via a design-led process.

Informed by analytics, Yump engaged with KU stakeholders and identified user needs. The mobile-friendly website is integrated with multiple systems, served via a seamless experience to users.

The result was a huge increase in online enquiries and a 287% increase in organic search traffic. It succeeded in connecting more teachers to training courses and jobs.

Key Features


To meet KU’s business objectives, the website’s architecture and content were revamped to communicate their value proposition and scope of services clearly.

To help families find childcare services by location, the intuitively designed “Find A Childcare Centre” feature engages parents to learn more about each centre’s facilities, make enquiries or sign up to the waitlist.

To help teachers find professional development courses tailored to their career needs, Yump created an easy-to-use course search feature with touch-friendly buttons.

The Jobs section helps job seekers understand KU’s culture and find suitable roles in childcare. The entire website is well-optimised for mobile users.


The revitalised KU website has received extremely positive feedback from all stakeholders, including executives, staff and parents.

The number of online enquiries improved dramatically after site launch, with more than 5000 enquiries received in four months. The website also succeeded in connecting more teachers to professional development courses and jobs in the childcare industry.

Comparing a three-month period before and after launch, the new website saw a 287% increase in organic search traffic as well as a 113% increase in total traffic, without any paid advertising.


Yump conducted stakeholder workshops to engage multiple levels of KU’s organisational chart in the design thinking process, from the CEO to their marketing assistants, across multiple business units. This has led to:

Generation of business requirements and customer insights to create the content and user experience strategy required for the new website;

Sharing of new knowledge about business and user needs across the organisation;

Prioritisation of functionality according to user needs, resulting in a multi-faceted website that successfully cater for different user groups;

Achieving consensus across the organisation on the final content, design direction and functionality of the website.


Yump devised an innovative website solution that was integrated with multiple different systems while presenting a seamless experience for website visitors. These include:

Integration with Google Maps, allowing parents to locate childcare centres nearest to their home or work location;

Integration with Arlo events management software, allowing teachers to search and register for professional development courses via a beautifully KU branded experience;

Integration with PageUp recruitment software, allowing teachers and job seekers to search and apply for roles within the same KU branded experience.


Previously it was not possible for non-technical KU staff to manage their website content and provide timely information to parents of currently enrolled children.

Yump implemented Craft Content Management System (CMS), which gave KU staff the ability to manage all of the website’s content without any technical knowledge. Its flexibility and ease of use also gave KU the ability to create new pages and change the site structure in response to changing business requirements.

The CMS also powers the Parents Portal, an area behind login for current KU parents to access useful information and resources.

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