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KordaMentha provides specialist consulting, forensic, real estate, turnaround, restructuring and investment management services. The firm is well known for its administration and restructuring work on Ansett and Channel Ten, and as a result, has built up a very strong reputation in the area of corporate insolvency. However, it wanted to reposition itself to raise awareness of its broader services. In line with this brand repositioning, KordaMentha felt it was time to overhaul its website. The overarching objective for the new site was to support and magnify the brand’s revised values and activities, while incorporating modern design and usability principles.

Key Features


Improved navigation
The Services menu overlay includes a layered transition which is a gesture to the brand position: a different mindset. This overlay goes beyond being a navigation tool and acts as a complete overview of the organisation’s offering in a single interactive screen. A subtle, but nonetheless an impactful element to the interface is the mobile navigation. The mobile navigation is anchored to the bottom of the screen for better access for the user.


Flexible content widgets
Flexible content widgets have given content editors far more flexibility and self-sufficiency, enabling them to build pages in a simple-to-use, drag and drop modular format, rather than relying on developers to build multiple templates. The flexible content widgets recognise if there is an associated child page, and automatically display a sub-menu to reflect this.


Simplified information architecture
One of the key elements of the new site is a simplified information architecture. This has been achieved by consolidating a number of areas of content that contained largely overlapping material.


Interface design
The interface conveys an essence of sophistication and maturity that comes through the solid colours and restrained lines.


Streamlined information filtering
The speed of information filtering has been significantly accelerated through the use of a new JavaScript framework called React. This enables on-site information to be filtered without having to fully reload the page, vastly speeding up the process. This is particularly evident in the ‘News and Insights’ and ‘People’ sections of the site.

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