Knog PWR: Modular Outdoor Products


  • Knog Pty Ltd
  • Catalyst Design Group


PWR is a modular range of bike lights (and soon, outdoor products) using the same battery system. But that battery also works as a “pwr bank” for charging your devices.

Most of all, this multi-functionality has not compromised the individual products. The bike lights are best in class with multiple unique features and the speaker, camping lantern, and headtorch coming in 2018 are the same

Key Features


Battery doubles as a power bank, meaning you can charge your devices when not using the bike light.


Battery – or “PWR Bank” – and lighthead are interchangeable. This means you can replace your battery for “infinite charge” or upgrade your lighthead for brighter output without the need to buy a totally new bike light.

Furthermore, the battery will power the future PWR products, including the speaker, lantern and headtorch.

The headtorch can also utilise the bike lighthead.


Superior optics, with elliptical beam for wide view of the road or path ahead, spot beam and in the case of PWR Trail a \”halo\” of 9 LEDs providing excellent visibility.


Side mount on PWR Road and PWR Trail is unique – means the light can mount under the headstem, tucked away (as road cyclists often like to be aerodynamic and minimal).


The ModeMaker app allows modes to be tailored and re-programmed to suit users\’ needs.

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