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kkdu plum founders Astrid and Haydn Sharratt worked with Charlwood Design to develop their new bike trailer. The brief was to develop a trailer that could haul all your “stuff”, but also double up as a shopping trolley.

The end result consists of the trailer and the rack. The trailer consists of two tubs, tubular frame, adjustable handle and hitch point, and a fold-away third wheel to convert it from trailer to trolley in a matter of seconds. The rack incorporates a quick release hitch- a simple design that allows the trailer to be removed from the bike effortlessly.

Key Features


On ya bike! : One of the core aims behind the development of the kkdu plum was to expand the possibilities of bike travel. By making the transition from riding and shopping, or riding and picnic, or riding and beach as easy as possible, kkdu plum is enticing more people to ride and hopefully contributing to the reduction of cars on the road.


Good looking : The idea of a bike trailer is nothing new. But the market was stale- a sea of bland silver extrusions and pram like aesthetics. Yawn. The kkdu plum stands-up and grabs your attention. It is designed to intrigue with a classic yet sophisticated form, many beautifully detailed features, and a colour palette that salivates.


Shipshape : No person is the same. And whilst many may argue, similar things can be said for bikes. The kkdu plum has been carefully developed to accept these facts. The handle allows the kkdu plum to be folded up for storage, fitted to the height of your bike rack and then easily adjusts to a comfortable height when pushing or pulling. The unique bike rack and fully rotating hitch (patent pending) will fit almost any bike, attaching in two points at the seat post and rear axle.


Easy peasy : A big characteristic of the kkdu plum is the level ease that everything operates at. The hitch is amazing in its simplicity just drop the handle into the hitch cup, close the lever, lock it in place and off you go. Whilst the handling and riding is easier than ever with large 16″ pneumatic wheels, which also easily pop off for storage.


Keep it in the (local) family : The kkdu plum is designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Melbourne. It\’s the new Commodore. Well, not quite. But the team behind kkdu plum made it a priority to keep things local. This doesn’t just offer bragging rights and a clear conscience, but also allows each trailer to be assembled to the highest quality achievable. Any imperfections are picked up immediately and rectified, whilst communication between the designers and manufacturers remains completely unobstructed.

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