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• KittaParts is a truly modular shelving system by Like Butter. This threaded timber shelving system, developed by Jem Freeman of Like Butter over the last 12 months, is completely modular, adaptable and reconfigurable.
• A KittaParts set comprises three sizes of threaded timber dowels and two shelf sizes, allowing for dozens of configurations!
• KittaParts was developed with our increasing interest in producing “heirloom flatpacks” – furniture product systems that use contemporary technology to create heirloom-quality outcomes whilst maintaining the benefits of flatpack design. The KittaParts system can be adapted infinitely to the users’ changing living spaces and locations.

Key Features


• Functionality: strong, stable, reconfigurable, useful.
• Aesthetics: simple, elegant design to stand the test of time; reconfigurable to respond to various domestic and commercial contexts.
• Safety: 390mm deep for stability, rounded corners, high-quality finish.
• Quality: high-quality materials and manufacture.
• Sustainability: heirloom-quality, reconfigurable, flat-pack, easily disassembled when moving, low material wastage, FSC timbers, excellent after-sales support.
• Professional design process: in-depth process where design and manufacturing evolved hand-in-hand, with hundreds of hours of design, research and development.
• Holistic high-quality user experience: playful and user-responsive, with open-ended instructional video and text, allowing users to experiment and discover multiple solutions for their shelving needs.


• Social impact: sharing of ideas between users building unique configurations; users feeling engaged with the product as they literally build the form that their unit takes.
• Environmental impact: only renewable timbers; FSC certified Australian dowel; FSC certified imported Birch Ply (which we will replace with Australian-made Hoop Pine Ply once we stabilise supply issue).
• 100% Australian design, manufacturing, business ownership.
• Dimensions of all parts optimised to reduce waste, all sawdust composted onsite.
• Like Butter workshop is solar powered and carbon positive, with more energy annually created onsite than consumed. Purchased energy 100% green power; 1% of turnover to “Treemaker Initiative”.


• KittaParts sets a new benchmark for excellence in design, showcasing the benefits of investing in professional design, particularly when undertaken in tandem with developing appropriate, product-unique manufacturing processes – setting the bar for locally designed and produced modular, flat-pack furniture.
• The social media story of Kittaparts as it developed over the past year gained significant interest and support, resulting in the first batch selling out in under 24 hours when released in early September 2020.
• KittaParts showcases the design talents of Melbourne-trained industrial designer Jem Freeman, contributing to the reputation and status of Victoria’s design and creative culture.


• Truly innovative, reconfigurable design that uses only renewable timber as the resource.
• The combination of threaded timber components, manufacturing methods, aesthetics, and the specific way in which the componentry spacing allows for any configuration is unique.
• The implementation of 3-axis CNC milling strategies with a uniquely-modified machine allows for repeatable and scalable implementation.
• The system is infinitely expandable, with new parts and accessories planned including: corner elements; cable management; online configurator that will allow users to fully configure their own sets, selecting combinations of parts to build the perfect unit for their application.


• A playful design that genuinely engages users as they create their own configurations that respond to their specific needs. Moving beyond the often cost-saving, low-quality associations of flat-pack, KittaParts retains flat-pack benefits whilst embodying high-quality, engaged, long-lasting and considered design.
• Playful, adaptable, long lasting materials and finishes.
• Strong, stable, reconfigurable design, where users can create units that are tall and narrow, long and short, wrapped around corners, free-standing or against walls and can change it as often as they like!
• We are genuinely excited about KittaParts and its potential, both for our business and our customers.

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