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Kids Unlimited runs inspiring classes, workshops and holiday programs for kids 5-15 who love learning.

Our first location, on the corner of two main roads, needed to become a landmark in the area and we chose a design-centric approach to becoming a visual landmark.

Our objective was to create powerful corporate branding and company identity.

This visual style had to appeal to kids, but remain sophisticated enough to engage parents. It also had to be flexible enough to seamlessly allow an expansion of new subjects as needed.

Key Features


Design Excellence:

A partnership between Davidson Branding, Forward Thinking Design and our own talented designer, Ana Cruz allowed us to develop an impactful, engaging and cohesive Brand Identity for Kids Unlimited.

The memorable visual style has achieved our objectives and is sophisticated, yet simple and vibrant, appealing to kids and parents alike.

The holding icons for subjects allow us the flexibility to add subjects and keep the visual style consistent. The pipes/pathway motif fits with our tagline “Follow your passion”.


Design Transformation:

Kids Unlimited is in fact a re-brand of Chess Kids. Chess Kids could never be a success offering more than just one subject (chess). The re-brand and professional design has allowed a complete business re-imagining, from a single-subject provider to now 9 subjects with more on the way.

The design-led transition helped staff and customers to understand and support the changes to business operations.

Design is now integrated into all processes and activities – even our internal business plans are aligned with our visual style. Nothing is produced without input from our graphic designer!


Design Impact:

The visual appeal and innovative design of our building allowed us to quickly enter the market and our head office in Mt Waverley is now a visual landmark and billboard for the business.

Not only is it generating new enquiries every day, but the professional design application to all our collateral gives an impression of professionalism which builds trust with our clients more quickly than previously thought possible. It also appears that we are much bigger than we actually are.


Design Innovation:

The Pathways motif links to our Follow Your Passion slogan. And the holding icons for subjects allows a flexible approach to the content we deliver.

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