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Kidney Health Australia (KHA) is the national peak body for kidney health in Australia. KHA is a non-profit organisation with a mission to decrease the incidence of kidney disease and to save and improve the lives of Australians affected by kidney disease.

The organisation has four key areas of focus: prevention, awareness & detection, support, and research. In 2020, they partner with Carter to transform the digital presence and deliver an improved experience for people seeking assistance.

Key Features


Planning interview sessions based around busy health professionals and their availability can be challenging but was crucial in determining the data that ultimately dictated the outcome of this platform.

Faced with the fact a majority of visitors are arriving via mobile gave the team the green light to tackle everything from the ground up using a mobile-first approach. Both content and information architecture considers screen space and touchscreen to enable fast access to relevant information audiences to view and require regularly.


Building an organic design system that can be both fully managed and leveraged by Kidney Health Australia’s internal teams brought the new user experience to life. The approach clearly demonstrates the frictionless interactions and pathways of the new platform.

With human-centred storytelling, we\’ve been able to bring the lives of people with chronic kidney disease kidney to life – utilising real-life experiences, scenarios and journeys to help build more profound empathy and understanding.


The new digital platform is used across all Kidney Health Australian stakeholders and enables health professionals and patients to review their current knowledge and skills and identify areas of focus for their practice learning necessary to meet the evolving needs of patients, their community and themselves.

The new vision and digital collection of assets can be used in both digital and physical assisting the key audiences and team in delivering resources and information based on client needs.


Updating and enhancing both design and the entire technology provided a better service to existing audiences, enabling access to information and resources that could be utilised in many ways for many the different audiences connecting with them.

Being a modular design system, we’re utilising various unique assets, enabling growth and new application development on the forefront.

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