Kenworth T410 – The Best in the Business


  • PACCAR Australia Pty Ltd
  • Trading As Kenworth Trucks


Australia’s geography and dispersed population means trucks routinely travel up to 400,000 kilometres per year, with ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees centigrade along variable road quality.

Australia uniquely requires high productivity multi combination vehicles such as road trains and B-Doubles providing real design challenges such as cooling, chassis and cab configuration. This mandates reliable and durable trucks which Kenworth addresses through its Australian design capability.

The T410 goal was to draw from Kenworth’s capability and technologies and provide greater levels of safety, versatility, performance, ergonomic design, quality and comfort in the vocationally intended applications optimising owner and driver appeal.

Key Features


Enhanced driver comfort with advanced automatic climate control, designed for the variable extremes of the rugged Australian climate. The T410 maintains optimum cabin temperatures at all times, in all driving conditions, all year round.

The in-cab environment has been enhanced with a choice of premium traditional diamond pleat trim in a range of contemporary colours for driver appeal alternatively a smart fleet spec is available. Intelligent expansive windscreen design provides panoramic 180° visibility of the road from the driver’s seat and large, adjustable, aerodynamic, multi-way power adjustable mirrors reducing vibration and optimising ergonomics to round out Kenworth’s renowned safety offering.


PACCAR\’s MX 13 litre 12 volt engine and innovative transmission provides customers a fully integrated fuel and environmentally efficient powertrain solution. The MX engine, delivers excellent performance along its flat torque curve with peak torque available down to 1000RPM. The low cruising RPM provides fuel economy benefits and also makes it a very quiet engine to operate.

The predominantly local supplier sourced components and manufacturing processes use captured water from the factory, and roof supported solar PV reducing electricity consumption. Processes are designed to reduce waste to landfill, maximise durability, parts access, ease of disassembly, simplicity of repair and recyclability.


Designed for drivers who are in and out of the cab up to 10 times an hour, the 2.1m cab provides wide opening doors convenient grab handles on both sides of the door, allowing safe points of contact for cab access.

Switches, controls and dashboard instrumentation are positioned intuitively allowing drivers to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Assisting with truck hook up and pre-trip checks, a light check function activates either via the dash or on the key fob. This function cycles headlamps, stop lights, tail lights, clearance lights and indicators enabling quick identification of non-functioning lights before setting off.


Kenworth invested heavily in safety systems for all road transport operators and users. Offering state of the art EBSS and Fusion radar and camera safety suite, collision avoidance mitigation technology, active cruise with braking and lane departure warning, improved ingress and egress for the Kenworth driver.

A purpose-built, versatile aerodynamic solution improves fuel economy and performance, the T410 excels in vocational, intrastate and interstate distribution in rigid, single or multi trailer configurations. A set-back front axle and an optimal bumper-to-back-of-cab dimension of 2,845mm (112 inches), it can be rated to 70 tonnes suitable for PBS and tipper and dog operations.


The T410 provides the PACCAR transmission. An aluminium main case, internal sensors and wiring, and helical cut gearing make for a transmission with class-leading weight, durability and serviceability.
The 12 speed design offers a range of gear ratios that are evenly spaced and the widest in its class from a 14.4 in 1st up to an overdrive 0.77 in top gear. An extra low 16.9 in reverse provides excellent low speed manoeuvrability. With a torque capacity of 1850lbft and rated to 50 tonnes GCM, the PACCAR Transmission is engineered and integrated to work seamlessly with the PACCAR 12v MX-13 engine.

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