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After almost a decade of design, involving more than 100,000 hours, by a team of Australian designers and engineers, and more than ten million kilometres of testing and validation, Kenworth has released into full production its next generation heavy-duty truck, the revolutionary T610 model, at the Kenworth manufacturing plant in Bayswater, Victoria.

The T610 represents the single largest investment in product development the company has ever made in Australia. From idea to reality, designed in Victoria, this significant investment in new technologies and design is centred entirely round the needs of the driver, specifically for the Australian road transport market.

Key Features


Driver Comfort:
Is enhanced by an advanced heating and air-conditioning system with automatic climate control, specifically designed for the variable extremes of the rugged Australian climate. More powerful yet more efficient, it maintains optimum cabin temperatures at all times, in all driving conditions, all year round.

Moving from the driver seat to the sleeper is easier. The premium inner-spring single bed mattress, extra stand up space and a full wrap-around privacy curtain, means the whole cab becomes your bedroom, undeniably leading to a more satisfied and less fatigued driver in the truck even on the longest trips.


Ergonomic Dash Design
The T610 integrates the latest technology while maintaining simplicity and ease of operation.

Designers have refined the dashboard and instrument panel, so switchgear and controls are positioned ergonomically intuitively, and dashboard instrumentation is visible at a glance. Everything has been positioned to allow drivers to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Critical information, like the speedometer, tachometer and gauges are clear and well laid out in front of the driver. Cruise and audio controls are on the steering wheel. Toggle switches provide full control of things such as engine brakes, engine fan and suspension dump valves.


Application Flexibility
The T610 is suitable for virtually any application, including maximum payload 26-metre B-Double and road train configurations. The T610SAR’s set forward front axle and set back steer axle option makes it an ideal workhorse for 19-metre B-Double, or tipper and dog applications.

The new models can be specified to a GCM rating of up to 140t with engineering application approval, and with both a set forward, can meet a range of PBS applications. Dana or Meritor steer axles are available in either single or twin steer configurations to carry the heaviest of loads.


Safety Systems
The T610 offers ABS 8–Fusion TM collision avoidance and mitigation technology, including active cruise with braking and lane departure warning working in harmony taking safety to the next level. Cab safety meets ECE29 crash standards. Building on existing critical safety design elements everything on this truck has been developed to have a positive impact on drivers’ lives. Polished fuel tanks, available in round or rectangular shape, range from 200 to 750 litres, incorporate a notched design, set forward under the cabin, providing full length tank steps for extra safety when climbing in and out of the cab.


Sustainability and the Community
Over 90% of the T610 components are recyclable with 60% of components sourced by manufacturers and suppliers from within Australia. T610 airflow design improves fuel economy as well enhanced engine cooling. The T610 comes with optional LED headlamp lighting instead of standard halogen.

Kenworth’s manufacturing processes use 100% captured water and achieve as low as 10% waste to landfill. Energy consumption has reduced by 25% with installation of PV solar and LED lighting. Since the T610 launch, the sales success has resulted in the growth of an additional 150 jobs at the Bayswater factory.

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