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Reuse Revolution HQ is an online platform designed to encourage continuous use of reusable coffee cups. With 500 million disposable cups sent to landfill every year, many people don’t realise every takeaway cup ends up in landfill, recycled or not.

The platform helps individuals, small businesses, large businesses and universities to understand the real-world environmental benefit of using a KeepCup.

We concepted, designed and built the site to help people measure the environmental impact of regular KeepCup use. It’s got cool animations, gamification, live graphs and a cute little KeepCup character.

Key Features


We architected, designed and built the digital platform, from concept to look and feel, illustration and character design.

Through the use of cute and charming character design (including associated illustrations and animations) we were able to take users on a journey. In addition to character design, small snippets of digestible information were designed in the form of infographics, charts, visualisations and small, easy to digest facts. These ‘cards’ were designed to be shared through social media.


Design cues were carefully crafted throughout the onboarding experience so that users had to take minimal action. Animation and illustration did the bulk of the heavy lifting in terms of user feedback.

The entire digital ecosystem was considered as part of the design process. In addition to creating a compelling and easy to use website, we designed triggered emails, social posts and reminders as part of a cohesive user experience.


The entire campaign is built around a loveable character, affectionately known as Cuppleberry (a play on Huckleberry Finn). Users receive awards as he meets milestones on his journey.

The addition of Cuppleberry (an illustrated character) was crucial to the user experience. The ‘timeline’ Cuppleberry inhabits makes the environmental benefit into more tangible, real-world outcomes, like saving energy, saving a tree, or diverting several kilos of cups from landfill.

We also created an interactive infographic (in the form of a colourful pie chart) that allows users to quickly and easily see how their usage compares to others around the world, down to the company they work at, their local cafe and their friends.


The site features a truly responsive information architecture. A series of modular cards were created to support the interactive timeline, presenting users with feedback on their progress, comparisons to others like them and sustainability tips.

The cards were designed in this modular way so that they could be arranged according to each user’s device. The user experience is consistently excellent across mobile phone, tablet and desktop.

We also created quirky micro-copy to match the art direction of the site as part of a considered content strategy. We spent considerable time ensuring tone of voice was consistent, especially in email communications and digital touchpoints outside of the site.


Sometimes it\’s easy to lose faith in the real-world impact of all the little, good deeds we do every day – like using a reusable cup instead of a disposable one. The Reuse Revolution is all about educating users and changing behaviours toward sustainable behaviour.

At the personal level, the platform helps users to quantify sustained behaviour change over a long period of time. And while every small action we take is important, it becomes really powerful when big business and universities are able to amplify impact with scale.

The real beauty of the platform lies in communicating the impact sustained behaviour change has within larger communities, like your workplace, your country or the whole world.

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