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KeepCup Brew is a revolution to the coffee connoisseur. It delivers the traditional café experience of drinking coffee from a glass, with the advantage of being able to drink on the go. The glass cup, together with the new tactile, insulating and sustainable cork band, epitomise KeepCup’s strong philosophy – to provide a positive takeaway experience whilst having minimal impact on the environment.
KeepCup Brew builds on the iconography of KeepCup Original. The elements have been refined and improved to provide increased functionality and enhance the user experience. The new Brew lid retrofits onto KeepCup Original.

Key Features


Manufactured from tempered soda lime glass, the material is much stronger than the more commonly used borosilicate glass. It is unexpectedly durable and resists breakage when dropped. If the soda lime glass does break, it will break safely into small pieces rather than into dangerous shards.
Glass complements KeepCup’s strong sustainable philosophy. The soda lime glass contains recycled content and can be recycled into another glass product at the end of its useful life. The energy and materials used in manufacture means that the breakeven point with disposable cups is less than 10 uses (excluding freight but including washing).


A cork band has been developed to insulate the user from hot liquid in the glass and add to the sensory pleasure of the glass.
Cork is antibacterial, renewable & biodegradable. It’s produced without harming a single tree. In fact, the cork oak tree needs to be stripped every 9 years in order to survive.
There was a high level of risk in using this material – it’s the first time that it’s been used in this application. With some refinement we were able to achieve a positive fit on the glass whilst also being easy for the user to disassemble.


The glass cup manufacturing process meant a large rim diameter tolerance range, making it difficult to reliably seal. Competitors have typically used a soft silicone lid to absorb large diameter anomalies. This compromised the user experience as the lid is soft and difficult to put on during a busy coffee service, unable to seal and unpleasant to drink from. So, we developed a rigid lid with a soft internal overmould, to create the water tight seal. The lids material was specifically formulated through a rigorous trial process to perform over a wide temperature range.

This feature enabled us to improve the splashproof seal and retain the mouth feel, that has made KeepCup Original so popular.
The universal design of the lid fits the KeepCup Original, ensuring both vessels can utilise the benefits of the new lid design.


Part of KeepCup’s distinctive and popular design language has been its rotating plug. The new bayonet style plug brings new functionality to this element. The bayonet plug is positively retained whilst being easier to disassemble while cleaning. The new design has benefits in point of sale display, where previously plugs pulled out, went missing or were scattered across the display.
The new lid also caters for markets where cold drinks and bubble tea are popular. When the plug is disassembled it reveals a hole in the lid that allows a large straw to be inserted.


KeepCup Brew retains the ethos of KeepCup Original; being a pure and expressive way for millions of coffee lovers to enjoy coffee on the go in a sustainable way.
Despite significant advances in the product design, there have been no changes that detract from its simple and elegant aesthetic.
An example of this approach is the unique groove around the glass sidewall. This maintains KeepCups trademark profile and provides positive retention of the cork and silicone bands, as well as future accessories.

As this is an undercut, the glass needed to be manufactured using a more challenging blown process, instead of the more common press casting.

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