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Elite sporting organisations manage rosters of high-value, high-performance athletes. They require meaningful tools to keep their athletes performing at their peak game after game. KangaTech’s philosophy of “Understand, Intervene, Win” is about providing predictive insights that allow clinicians to effectively understand and respond to the needs of the athletes they manage. The tool that provides these insights is KangaTech’s patented KT360.

The KT360 is a world first. It offers a comprehensive range of testing and training protocols. It accurately and reliably measures isolated neuromuscular strength. Software analytics collect, visualise and analyse athlete’s data, allowing informed decision making and actionable insights.

Key Features


Multiple innovations have been developed, tested, refined and implemented into the KT360. These include – Proprietary software & GUI; Sensor housing with seven integrated, independent dynamometers; Two pivoting dynamometers; Quick user setup and adjustability.

An emphasis was placed on achieving a mechanical setup that offered a fast, accurate and repeatable user experience. Vertical adjustment is via quick lock and release handles. Height markings assist setup repeatability. The sensor housing rotates 360 degrees and can be locked in any position. Illumination highlights active dynamometers, Built-in accelerometer detects setup angle. Real-time feedback via the tablet GUI guides correct use and setup.


The launch of the KT360 in 2019 put KangaTech into the high-performance departments of many of the world’s most recognisable sporting organisations.

Since launch, many new customers have signed on. Impressed with the KT360’s market-leading capabilities, ease of use and overall design. KangaTech continues to expand their Sales and Technical teams with a growing on-ground presence in several key markets including the UK, Europe and USA.

The driving philosophy behind the KT360 is one of intervention. Preventing and reducing injury, and optimising athlete performance. This approach drives the efficiency of many resources, including diverting potential patients from resource-intensive medical treatments.


Through a dedicated program of investment in design, research and development KangaTech has successfully commercialised the KT360.

In 2020, KangaTech’s first US patent was granted, the issuance of this patent, in the key US market, adds significant value to the company.

KangaTech’s founder, Steve Saunders, had the vision for KangaTech during his time as Director of Sports Science and Medical Services at North Melbourne Football Club, here in Victoria. From this vision, came a significant investment in local design and engineering expertise, culminating in the KT360. KangaTech, based in Melbourne, now export their game-changing product to the world.


The patented KT360 is a world first. The KT360 accurately and reliably measures isolated neuromuscular strength. Advanced software analytics collect, visualise and analyse athlete’s data, allowing informed decision making and actionable insights.

No other platform covers such a comprehensive range of testing and training protocols. 35+ protocols across the whole body have been validated and developed for use on the KT360. This, along with its build quality and ease of use, makes the KT360 an indispensable tool for KangaTech’s growing customer base.

Through the development of the KT360, KangaTech has generated valuable IP assets including issued patents in the USA.


Other key features within the KangaTech KT360 include:

• An extensive database of athlete profiles. These databases are an important baseline to assist athlete assessment.
• Wireless connectivity facilitates data communication and allows for automated cloud uploading and instantaneous reporting.
• Real-time results are displayed via KT360’s proprietary, tablet-based GUI.
• An advanced, highly accurate dynamometry system was developed specifically for the KT360. Featuring 7 independent push-pull dynamometers.
• The KT360 can be broken down into 3 packages for transport, allowing portable set up when required.
• A counter-weight system, isolated inside the upright posts, provides lift assistance and improved stability during up/down actuation.

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