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As we move to the age of dense social sharing and micro-influencer marketing, consumers are more aware of marketing fluff and unrealistic advertising. With consumers connecting with the believable, brands are now pushed to seek out authentic, relatable talent.

Born from this need not being met by talent agencies who strive to attain the fantasy standards of modelling, Kamio was introduced to help brands bridge their gap in talent needs, on the basis that imperfect truth is more engaging.

Kamio is an online platform that allows brands to seamlessly connect with real people to cast for photography and motion shoots.

Key Features


Kamio allows everyday people to sign up using Facebook integration to upload photos they wish to showcase.

Brands, agencies and talent scouts can sign up to post job ads, with any relevant talent matching the criteria notified via email.

The platform allows job offers to be made, received, accepted or rejected, utilising escrow functionality to securely hold, receive and transfer payments.


Village Cinemas was the first major beneficiary of the platform. Utilising Kamio, they reached out to their member database in search of real stories on how their member program benefits cinema-goers.

Shortlisting and scheduling screen tests for the top stories was executed via the Kamio platform. The final campaign consisted of nine real members, recounting their experiences with the program for a series of motion and print assets.

Participants received the standard day rate as well as bonus membership points. When compared to past campaigns of this size, Village saved upwards of $20,000 on talent booking, usage and royalty fees.


To date, Kamio has acquired upwards of 4,000 users looking to be a part of upcoming shoots and ahs been utilised by brands, business and agencies alike to source authentic talent for shoots.

Client budgets are now able to be better utilised and redistributed to support superior production quality and wider or more targeted comms efforts and shoots that would have been out of scope are now achievable.

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