Kaleidoscope Collection


  • Designer Rugs


Designs from the Kaleidoscope Collection by Designers Rugs explore various fibres, pile heights and a playful use of colours. Inspired by various sources and utilising the process of hand tufting, the designs in the collection not only provide life and vibrancy into interiors, but also add a tactile textured surface to create a warm inviting space.

Key Features


Handtufted Rug | 200cm x 300cm
100% New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk
9mm Pile Height | Cut Pile

Anika was created by a play with paper outs and the unique shapes that were formed when being overlapped. Originally inspired by Scandinavian paper cuts outs, this design explores geometric shapes, vibrant colours & luxurious fibres of NZ Wool and Bamboo that have been stippled together to create a unique outcome.


Handtufted Rug | 200cm x 300cm
100% New Zealand Wool
7mm and 9mm Pile Height | Cut Pile

Exploring modern geometric shapes and utilising a fresh and bright colour palette, Huxley was inspired by unique floor tiling that injects fun into a modern interior.

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