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Ethical womenswear by Kalaurie Karl-Crooks.

Kalaurie presents a series of small capsule collections drawing inspiration from life, death, human emotion and personal experiences from a feminine perspective to create a body of work that is intimate and emotive – clothing that tells a story.

With quality, timelessness, craftsmanship and environmental consciousness holding equal priority, Kalaurie creates pieces which are designed and crafted to be treasured for a lifetime.

This piece, titled the ‘Devotion Shirt Dress’ from the forthcoming collection ‘Rest In Sin’, is an exploration of waste minimisation through design & has been solely created some dead-stock materials.

Key Features


Ethically handcrafted to order from my in-house design studio using solely dead-stock materials, this piece challenges the fashion industries issue with waste by creating something desirable, functional, and responsible from materials no longer deemed useful to other businesses. All materials were purchased from a closing factory to save them from landfill or destruction.

This piece meets the consumer demand for unique ethical statement pieces.


Designed to minimize waste in one of the most toxic industries in the world. Each piece is made to order, solely upon the customer’s request, ensuring great emotional value for the wearer knowing this it was created especially for them from a place a responsibility.

Any adjustments can be made to the design to meet the customers preferences.


Operating on a made to order manufacturing model, means that nothing is created without an end destination and this also ensure the elimination of dead product, wasted time and materials.

Each step of design and production is overseen to ensure productivity, problem solving, quality control and waste minimisation through the in-house studio.

Keeping all elements of design and production in-house cuts out third party expenses making profit more sustainable.


Through direct dealings with the designer and the purchasing of a made to order garment, I bridge the gap between designer, maker and customer, to create a very personal and transparent experience. There is something really special about wearing a garment that was made especially for you by the designer.
This process of having to wait for a garment to be made, changes fast fashion consumerism habits.

By keeping all elements of design and production in house, I am fostering the local fashion industry and promoting Australian made.


-Trans-seasonal design which is functional all year round through endless styling possibilities.

– No following of trends to create timeless and authentic design.

– Minimal waste in the creation of this design.

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