Kaia Skincare


  • RMIT University


The brief was to create a luxurious skincare brand that took sustainability into account.

The brand Kaia, derived from the Greek word “Gaia” meaning “Mother Nature”, offers organic, cruelty-free skincare to women who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne and dermatitis.

Key Features


The elegant blue and white colour scheme and olive leaf patterning was inspired by the brand’s Greek heritage. The use of glass bottles and contrast finishes were chosen to give the impression of high quality products. Smooth matte card stock was paired with a raised gloss spot finish to create a luxe tactile experience.

The bottom half of the box expands open to create the impression of a flower or plant blooming. The information featured within the interior of the box provides a brief overview of Kaia’s sustainable efforts towards the consumer, environment and community.


I have considered sustainability within the design by using recyclable materials such as card for my boxes and glass for my bottles. I also chose to use dark glass packaging, as oppose to plastic, to protect the contents from perishing in sunlight and to prevent the contamination of harmful chemicals such as BPA.

I have also tried to reduce excess packaging by printing the product information directly onto the interior of the box, instead of printing a separate booklet.

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