Justine McAllister x Cross Yarra Partnership


  • Justine McAllister
  • Eddie Zammit (T-world)
  • Cross Yarra Partnership
  • Rail Projects Victoria


Justine McAllister was selected for her artwork submission sent to the Metro Tunnel Creative Program (run by the Cross Yarra Partnership) – to be displayed on a hoarding for the Arden Station. The hoarding design was displayed until May 2020 and reflected a timeline of past and present travellers of Melbourne. The artwork is part of a Creative Program designed to keep the city vibrant during the construction of the Metro Tunnel.

Key Features


Each illustration represented a person in a time period to reflect train travellers from one century to the next, from one decade to another. The illustration reflected a diverse community of Melbourne-centric personalities. The bright colours were used to brighten the construction works being undertaken. Each illustration was hand-drawn before they were exported into illustrator to create the finished art.


The bright, colourful and impactful design was engaging for people walking past the construction. The artwork was used to create a sense of culture as the delivery of the strategy was taking place.


The final installation successfully achieved its desired results. The artwork created by Justine has entertained and informed passersby.


The design was a reflection of the people using trains to travel back and forth in their daily commutes. The concept was to reflect diversity and perspectives of an era that had led to this point of construction.


• The hoarding was on display for over 12 months
• The hoarding measured more than 20 metres in length

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