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July is the next generation in luggage – a modern companion for every day exploring. July provides a whole new experience in travel, providing the users word-class quality at an affordable price point.

Designed locally in Melbourne, Melbourne-owned, and made for the world.

Key Features


95% of the July carry-on is custom made with premium materials, with almost every angle bespoke, including the texture. The outside is 100% German polycarbonate from Bayer. We have a 1200 thread count lining that is stain-proof. Our handle is custom designed to solve one key problem: a handle that now stops at any height you like! We even custom made our own wheels to ensure that we could withstand any terrain. Overall we\’ve maintained an extremely high quality in the hardcase category, all based on design insight reading over 4000 reviews and interviewing frequent travellers and their needs.


Sustainability through design. In a category where most items are thrown out after 2 years, July luggage is designed to last a lifetime. This reduces the frequency and need of purchase significantly, adjusting the market to be a lot more sustainable and reduce total luggage consumption.

Creating higher-quality longer-lasting products at a fraction of the traditional price points thanks to our direct-to-consumer model means we are giving people of all economic situations the opportunity to own luggage that lasts a lifetime and stops the cycle of single use travel accessories.


There are two key design innovations.

July\’s most innovative design feature is an IP-registered hidden compartment for an ejectable battery, cleverly tucked under the handle of the suitcase. This port allows users to charge both their phone and laptop while they\’re on the go.

The unique curvature of the case. Polycarbonate is one of the lightest and strongest materials in the world, but it’s weakest at its corners. We created our signature curve to create more eggshell approach, providing more bounce back on impact. Currently we’re the only product in-market with such an approach.


– Cleverly hidden ejectable battery that charges your phone and your laptop (Australian IP registered)
– Unique eggshell shape designed to create more bounce back on hard knocks
– Designed and produced our own double wheel system, called SilentMove, they reduce the weight of traditional ball bearing wheels and have a premium rubber that makes them perfect to glide across airports and bumpy roads alike.
– Multi-stop telescopic handle that has over 20 heights for comfort
– July Y-Strap interior clothing compression system
– Hidden integrated laundry bag that is water and smell-resistant
– 1200 thread count interior nylon lining for stain-resistant interior that lasts a lifetime

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