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We read over 4000 reviews of existing luggage brands and realised a better approach. The July Carry On was born to create seamless interactions and better moments of travel. It provides its users with a new experience in travel, access to world-class quality luggage at an affordable price point.

Key Features


The July Carry On’s design process was to solve all of the existing issues with polycarbonate cases. It was to address the broken travel accessories industry of mass-producing cheap, single-use luggage that’s often unintuitive and complex to use.

We redefined and responded to the modern concerns and needs of a luggage user. Considered integrated components, ergonomic features, utilise premium materials to prolong product longevity to get them through all their current and future journeys and prevent the frequency of replacing and repurchasing new luggage.


The July Carry On makes a positive impact on the following perspectives:

Social and Environmental Impact: Creating higher-quality longer-lasting products at a fraction of the traditional price points thanks to our direct-to-consumer model means we are giving people of all economic situations the opportunity to own luggage that lasts a lifetime and stops the cycle of low-quality travel accessories.

Commercial Impact: Our direct to consumer model means a stronger, better product, with more features, that genuinely solves real human travel problems (durability, comfort, access to power). With a better profit margin and affordable prices for consumers.


The July Carry On sets a new benchmark for luggage design in Australia. It bridges and advances several professions of design; product, visual communication and technology.

Being the only direct-to-consumer luggage brand in Victoria, we seek to actively contribute to the reputation and status of design and creative culture in Australia by transforming and innovating the mindsets of individuals around the way we travel.


We’ve innovated the carry on with better ergonomics and utility, stronger structural integrity and a better business model around trials and warranty.

Meet the July Carry On — Safe to fly, a joy to carry.

Light aerospace-grade German Polycarbonate casing protected by anodised aluminium bumpers.

Unique eggshell shape designed to create more bounce back on hard knocks.

Custom-designed, whisper-quiet, 360° SilentMove™ wheels.

Soft-touch, telescopic handlebar with 20 different heights.

Interior Y-Strap compression system.

Ejectable USB-C power bank charges multiple devices simultaneously (Australian IP registered).

July\’s direct-to-consumer model enables owning quality luggage with meaningful features at a fraction of traditional prices.


Other key features of The Carry On:

Integrated TSA lock.

Hidden laundry bag (Smell and water-resistant).

1200 thread count interior nylon lining for a stain-resistant interior that lasts a lifetime.

Signature colour options, that challenges traditional dark, monotonous of existing luggage.

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