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The July Carry On Pro is the next generation in smart luggage. The first case of its kind to utilise German Fidlock magnetic technology allowing easy access to your personal belongings and documents in the convenience of a detachable sleeve organiser we’ve called our SnapSleeve™.

Key Features


The July Carry On Pro’s design process prioritised utilising a system that allows easy accessibility and convenient storage of your laptop, work documents and personal items while you travel.

The SnapSleeve™ features a padded laptop compartment with pockets for work documents and smaller items. It’s fast, easy and secure to snap the detachable sleeve on and off using the Fidlock magnet system.

It\’s the first suitcase to feature this German magnet technology, integrating four Fidlocks that are strong and stable holding all of your precious items, confirming it with a subtle ‘click’ feedback.


In a category where most luggage is disposed of after being damaged, the Carry On Pro is designed to last a lifetime. The case itself is made from 100% durable aerospace-grade German polycarbonate able to withstand the wear and tear of travel. Any rips or transit damage on the SnapSleeve™ can be replaced, reducing the frequency of needing to purchase a whole new suitcase.

Besides this, our direct to consumer model allows owning stronger, better luggage, with more features, that genuinely solves real human travel problems (durability, comfort, access to power and items) with a better profit margin and affordable prices for consumers.


The July Carry On Pro sets a new benchmark for smart luggage design. Bridging and advancing several professions of design; product, visual communication and technology.

Being the only direct-to-consumer luggage brand in Victoria and Australia, we seek to actively contribute to the reputation and status of design and creative culture in Australia by transforming what’s possible on how the world travels better through design.


Reimagining the way we travel with a world-first approach, the July Carry On Pro is intuitive and ergonomic in design.

The innovative SnapSleeve™ seamlessly attaches on and off the suitcase, allowing users to experience better moments of travel. Put your luggage in the overhead while you snap off your sleeve and work in your seat. Pop your suitcase in the boot while your personal items are right with you.

It provides easy access to all of your important items without the need to open the entire suitcase.


Other key features of The Carry On Pro:

SnapSleeve™ is made from 1000 Denier ribbed polyester fabric that’s scratch-proof and resistant to water and dirt.

July Twin-Strap interior clothing compression system.

Unique eggshell shape designed to create more bounce back on hard knocks.

A cleverly designed ejectable battery with stand USB and USB-C docks. (Australian IP registered)

SilentMove 360° double rubber spinner wheels.

Multi-stop telescopic handlebar with over 20 different comfort heights.

Hidden integrated laundry bag that is water and smell-resistant.

1200 thread count interior nylon lining for a stain-resistant interior that lasts a lifetime.

Integrated TSA lock.

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