JOMO steel Winged Dish (Mark 2)


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JOMO steel Winged Dish (Mark 2) is a series of stainless steel bird baths, part of the JOMO birdbath range. The Winged Dish series come in a range of sizes scaled from “petite” 920 mm diameter to 3 meters diameter). Dishes are formed in 3 mls. thick marine grade steel that sits on a simple ring base. The curved sculptural bowl collects rainwater to a depth of 50 mls, ideal for birds to drink, dunk and bathe. It complements contemporary architecture and landscape design, reflects light, skies and clouds and has proved to be attractive to man and birds.

Key Features


The JOMO Winged Dish dramatizes the space between architecture and landscape. Functionally, it provides a ritualistic stage for birds, a focal point on deck or terrace that brings the viewer into direct contact with birds and the exterior environment. The still, circle of water as the completion of the essential design achieves a \’minimalism\’ that is meditative in its impact. This design wont change the world but it will slow it down and provide a sense of significant ‘well being’ to those that interact with it. In this sense it may claim to have a psycho-therapeutic impact!


The Winged Dish has a ‘wow’ factor appealing across the demographics from professional to Baby Boomer to GenX. Testimonials:

“I am very impressed by the quality of your work… We shall promote your work through our projects in Australia, and will also discuss this with our colleagues in China.” Ken Maher, Chairman International Executive, HASSELL

“I really love the dapple donut, and the manta ray looking birdbath. Would you be willing to strike a deal for The Block?” Matt Di Stasio (Gen Y) Contestant The Block (current TV series)


JOMO has identified its primary strategic market niche in leading Australian garden and horticultural retail centres that supply exterior furnishings to landscape designers and consumers direct. The interaction with industry buyers has given us valuable feedback on consumer trends and steered our design portfolio towards a broader range of garden designs and furnishings.

The Winged Dish range of sizes is a direct result of buyer feedback. The minimalist and monumental form aims at a growing sophistication in market trends stimulated by International Flower Shows (e.g. Chelsea) and TV architectural/design programs e.g. Grand Designs, The Block etc.

The JOMO Winged Dish promotes quality design, Australian made standards and reliability to an industry that has been reliant on the supply of poor quality imports, ‘kitsch’ copies of Roman and Victorian artifacts (in birdbaths) and a lack of design quality awareness in exterior furnishings.


In response to this increasingly sophisticated market, we have chosen stainless steel as our primary material to provide durability, to capture the drama of the Australian sunlight, moving clouds and blue skies. It has the material properties to withstand the impact of harsh climate conditions. It warms the water pool for bathing in the sun and cools the surface in hot weather. It is heavy but movable, rust resistant and durable and designs comply with health and safety standards. Importantly, its subtle \’bling\’ qualities attract birds and by reflecting garden, architectural and human elements it connects viewers with nature.


The Winged Dish bird bath is a return to simplicity in design. It collects water by design. A simple tip of the dish is all that is needed to empty and hose it out from time to time. No pumps, no gadgets, no power. This offsets the high carbon levels involved in the production of steel and provides a quality product that will last beyond a lifetime.

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