Jellis Craig Rebrand


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Jellis Craig are a 14-office premium real estate agency operating in Melbourne\’s affluent suburbs since 1991, their existing brand was tired and outdated and was not reflecting their upmarket modern positioning. We created a new brand identity that stretched across every touchpoint of their business across the whole network – auction boards, all printed collateral (flyers, brochures, DM pieces), directional signage, offices, stationery, website, social media as well as through to their mainstream advertising needs such as digital, print and outdoor executions.

Key Features


The Jellis Craig experience has always been anchored in premium residences in the Melbourne property market.
But the 20-year-old identity was no indicator of this as it was tired and dated.
So the challenge was to create an identity system to reinforce that whilst Jellis Craig are a premium real estate brand operating in a highly competitive market place, they now possess a new, modern philosophy designed to engage a multi-generational audience as they expand their reach into new suburbs.
The solution required a brand language that embraced the diversity and increasing sophistication of Melbourne\’s property market.


Our new brandmark\’s foundations are anchored in the font Surveyor, whose origins come from use in historical cartography, and the marking of new territories – a perfect heritage for a company who\’s core business is selling homes, and who is currently expanding into new areas.
The text shape is warm and has an inviting feel, featuring the charm of the handcrafted, and is also inspired by leading fashion brands from around the world.
This new identity system reflects a new modern brand, whilst maintaining its traditions through its elegant typographic vocabulary and history. With this, we think we have as set a new benchmark for others to follow. The success since implementation would reinforce this opinion.

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