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Jean Hailes is a growing not-for-profit whose mission is to be the national online gateway for women’s health and wellbeing. We were tasked with redeveloping the website, starting with a review of the structure, which had become convoluted over time with some content duplication as a result. With the aim of ensuring content was easily located and key user journeys were optimised, we delivered a new website with a modern look and feel, while providing Jean Hailes’s content editors with flexible, powerful tools to easily create, edit and publish content in the future.

Key Features


Simplicity was key when making design decisions. Given the importance of women’s health, we needed to make sure critical information was not being missed by users. A refreshed look and feel made exploring the site a more enjoyable experience, but the design went much deeper than aesthetics. Not only did we improve the user journey to make it easier to find content relevant to queries, we also updated labelling so users can identify content that’s relevant to them. The responsive website also caters for different types of content, from recipes and clinic information to articles and PDFs.


Our main goal was to raise awareness of Jean Hailes, and ensure that content is accessible amongst a range of growing audiences. This includes donors, supporters, health professionals and general users. The layout of the website is designed to ensure it’s easy for all audiences to find the content relevant to them. The bold design has a clear structure and a modern look, including mission statement headings and key messaging to support the goal of being the leading online destination for women’s health. Average session duration has more than doubled since going live, showing dramatically increasing engagement with site visitors.


User research and design thinking informed this project, which positions the organisation as the number one women’s health information destination in both Victoria and nationally. The revitalised website supports Jean Hailes’s central mission to “Create a healthier future for all women” and delivers an enhanced experience for both health professionals and the general public. During the COVID19 pandemic, Jean Hailes provides up-to-date critical information on coronavirus, mental health, and other important issues for all women.


We initially conducted a discovery workshop to gain insight into user personas and needs, with the insights gained enabling us to create a user-focused design. We developed a new information architecture for the website to ensure we could deliver streamlined user journeys, allowing users to easily find content using search and navigation bars. The homepage was of critical importance, so we showcased Jean Hailes’s mission to set the tone and highlighted a library of A-Z of health topics, encouraging users to quickly begin exploring the content that’s relevant to them.

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