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Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is a national not-for-profit organisation based in Victoria, providing a range of important health services for Australian women. The website is an important resource, and plays a significant role in communicating with their target audiences. It is the flagship of the organisation, facilitating a national and international reach.

Jean Hailes is committed to providing easy to understand health information and resources for women and health professionals. The organisation prides themselves on their ‘translation’ services – converting complex, evidence based health information into easy to understand information that resonates with women and health professionals alike.

Key Features


User Research and Testing.

A key feature, and an important part of the ultimate success of the new Jean Hailes website was the multiple rounds of user experience testing we undertook at key stages of the project. Whilst we have many years of experience in designing large health sector websites, conducting real user research and testing on wireframes, prototypes and designs will always provide insightful, and often surprising results.

The user experience testing was pivotal to all design and content decisions for the site.


Intuitive Information Architecture.

Originally Jean Hailes had a set of nine websites; 1 for the main Jean Hailes domain, with 8 being for specific health issues. All were branded in a similar manner, and had similar, but slightly different main navigation. This caused confusion for clients, as they tried to navigate between sites.

From our user experience testing, a key design decision was made to merge all sites into a single, cohesive site, with a simple, intuitive information architecture. The Health A-Z, Resources, and Health Professional sections of the site were developed to cater for consumers and health professionals alike.


Engaging User Experience.

The new site incorporates the recently redesigned Jean Hailes branding, with it’s bright and sharp purple and pink colour palette, and modern logo. The site was designed to make full use of this new branding to help capture and engage with their key audiences. Large, health related images were introduced to help highlight key content. Modern techniques such as mega menus, sticky headers, and relevance based searching were included to ensure content could be quickly found.

Relevant, new and popular content is automatically bubbled up to the homepage and segmented for each main user group.


Developing a responsive site.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design approach aimed at crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors. As the number of devices increases exponentially over time, RWD has become important in order to ensure websites remain future-proof, avoiding the need for constant redesigns.

We designed the Jean Hailes website in a mobile-first approach, ensuring that the most important and relevant content was displayed for the appropriate screen size. The smaller the screen size, the more concentrated the content.


Providing better content, faster.

Whilst not specifically a design feature, the Jean Hailes site is required to meet the Health On The Net code of conduct (HONCode) for medical and health web sites. The content needs to be timely, up to date and reviewed on a regular basis by a range of health professionals and Jean Hailes staff. The site has been developed using a comprehensive content management system that makes clear distinctions between design and content. This new workflow has save considerable time and effort within the organisation, and has provided an excellent user experience for authors.

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