Jardan Melbourne


  • IF Architecture


The Jardan flagship store aims to capture the essence of a quintessential Australian brand that feels more like a home than a store. It is a space where the visitor can \’live\’ – wander, explore and embrace the naturalistic and intimate vision for a retail space. The underlying concept for the Jardan experience is to capture the iconic and uniquely Australian home and lifestyle. Referencing classics such as Walter Burley Griffen & Marion Mahoney\’s Pholiota and the Heide I and II houses, the spaces allow a more engaging relationship between Jardan\’s bold modern furniture and their grand yet intimate surroundings.

Key Features


The focus on Australian made and inspired materials is key to the success of the project. IF Architecture went to great lengths to source and showcase locally sourced materials, such as the Queensland marble laid in the store\’s centrepiece staircase and the kitchen bench-tops. Subtle references, such as the handcrafted and bespoke breeze blocks (branded with the stores new insignia) speaks to the history of Australian architectural classics. Even the door handles – organic brass sculptural pieces, handmade by a local artisan – point to a level of intricate detail and finish that echoes Jardan\’s uniqueness and brand values.


In keeping with Jardan\’s philosophy, the space and materials have been chosen to ensure they satisfied the company policy of \’making locally, acting mindfully and minimising all waste and by-product\’. Jardan\’s retail store represents the perfect balance of style and function. It is a starting point for those who wish to extend their vision of a modern Australian home, yet allows a sense of history and classicism to enrich that aesthetic. Since its launch it has driven sales to previously unheard of heights and set new levels of excellence for competitors to emulate.

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