IXL Fresco Aurora


  • Cobalt
  • Millennium Electronics Pty. Ltd


The IXL Fresco Aurora combines ambient infrared heat, task lighting and mood lighting in one stylishly designed unit. An outdoor entertaining appliance like no other.

Designed to be suspended from flat or gabled roofs and is ideal for external dinning areas, verandas and balconies that will transform your outdoors into a cosy ambient space – all year round.

IXL Fresco Aurora is proudly manufactured in Australia and comes with 2 year in-home warranty or 12 months on premises warranty (commercial).

Key Features


The IXL Fresco Aurora is a must have appliance for those who enjoy outdoor entertaining. The combination of three key features combined in one never -seen before product will take year-round outdoor entertaining to the next level of comfort and style. The heating elements utilise Halo Heat technology which uses infrared heat to heat the person below and is not affected by wind gusts. The dimmable task lights and customisable mood lights will create your desired mood for any gathering or celebration. Download our free IXL Fresco Aurora app from the itunes or Google Play store to operate your unit.

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