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iUFlow™ is an easy to use, IoT, Bladder Monitoring Connected Health Solution. ‎The iUFlow is patented and approved (FDA, TGA, CE Mark), wireless, bladder monitoring and ‎‎measurement platform. ‎iUFlow™ is disposable, connected device, allows for mess-free, accurate: urinary frequency, ‎volume ‎and flow data collection at the patient home. ‎iUFlow™ platform provides accurate data and reporting to clinical specialists

Key Features


Measuring urinary frequency, volume and flow rate are essential in the diagnosis and management ‎of ‎urological diseases. ‎
Current devices (in clinic) are expensive and space bound.‎
The iUFlow brief was to design and develop a home based, flow through (not accumulating) urinary ‎‎measurement system (supporting of flow rates from 5-50mlps) , which can be used by ALL toilet ‎‎trained patients (4-104yo), fit to any variety of toilet (US toilets are limited to 127mm between rim ‎and ‎water level), \’mess-free\’ (no splash) and be cost effective to be used as a single user multiple ‎‎(up to 60 ‎urination session) uses.‎


A fully automated home bladder monitoring solution now enabled health providers with: increasing ‎‎compliance, better accuracy & objective data. It will reduce urology office visits and reduce clinic ‎visits ‎time hence reduce cost the health system. The iUFlow to urology is what home glucose is to ‎diabetic ‎patients, who needed to go to the pathology lab to get their sugar level measured.‎
With recent challenges (COVID-19) facing health provider, iUFlow is positioned to have a major ‎impact ‎in assisting the transition to telehealth.‎


measuring (without accumulating) urinary volume and flowrate an \’out-of-the-box\’ approach was ‎‎required. ‎
The team used a large river system \’weir\’ concept and minimised it which resulted in a novel ‎‎&innovative approach for urinary measurement. The design is using a \’ruler\’ sensor which ‎measures ‎the changing height of urine within the \’sensor-container\’ to calculate flowrate. ‎
The \’bowl\’ design is such to cover the toilet bowl as much as practical & yet to fit in all toilets, be ‎cost ‎effective & disposable friendly. An \’anti-splash\’ mat designed to reduce splashing, urinary mat ‎‎attached to its edges to improve smell, hygiene & visual.‎


iUFlow celebrates three utility patents ascertaining its novelty & innovativeness. ‎
Some of its world class features include: a flow through urinary flow meter & proprietary algorithms. ‎

Designers were challenged in producing some novel features such as; full drainage of residual fluid ‎& ‎the minimization of surface bubbles when measuring. ‎
The material selected has glassy & semi-crystalline properties, stiffness, no absorbent of water & ‎low ‎contact angles to reduce friction & promote complete drainage. Additionally, it resists ‎biomolecule ‎adsorption, therefore prevents bacterial growth
iUFlow \’nozzle\’ is using an innovative design called spile to \’draw\’ flow out, ‘borrowed’ from ‎extraction ‎of maple.‎


The iUFlow is designed to function as the future gold standard diagnostic tool for people with ‎urinary ‎problems. Clinical studies demonstrated that the iUFlow is on target to achieve gold ‎standard status. ‎For example: 93% of patients preferred to use iUFlow; 47% reported less time to ‎complete (13.7min vs ‎‎25.5min). Participants reported less effort in returning to sleep & higher ‎compliance rate.‎
The iUFlow can be used by ALL toilet trained patients (4-104yo), fit to any variety of toilet (US ‎toilets ‎are limited to 127mm between rim & water level) & \’mess-free\’ (no splash or handling).‎

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