ITCC’s Web Design


  • IT Consulting Company - ITC Co Pty Ltd


ITCC provides numerous digital marketing solutions to businesses. In order to differentiate them from its web design and development services, it designed a network website, in order to showcase these services more effectively.

ITCC regards itself as experts in web design – hence the creation of this website. It wanted to show potential clients the beneficial impact that its design services could have on their business, by explaining in detail what they are and how they may assist businesses. By adopting a user friendly approach and maintaining a professional, aesthetic look, the company was also able to serve its clients effectively.

Key Features


The network website has been designed to be user friendly, in order for potential customers to gain an understanding of ITCC’s services and how they can help them. By being responsive, the website also caters to the ever increasing number of users who research websites on their mobile or tablet devices. As a result, the site is able to attract users and inform them of ITCC’s services, encouraging them to give them a call.

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