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Integrated Information Service (IIS) provides information and resources about Australian Apprenticeships.

Over a period of 19 years, the company had developed multiple websites for their different audiences: students; career advisers; and service providers. Each website had subtle differences in publishing requirements in terms of both data and content. User research and feedback identified benefits in better targeting of IIS engagement with its audiences.

Get Started facilitated usability testing and surveys with the client. This was then synthesised into insights that informed our recommended approach of a single website destination for the industry.

Key Features


Segment-driven content
The new website has an overarching concept of segment-driven content. Users are identified from the outset as a student, job hunter, employer or an industry insider. Content is then targeted based on their chosen pathway, providing a customer-centric website experience.


Segment-driven search
The audience segments are critical to how people browse information and search for specific apprenticeships. The complex categorisation of apprenticeships was simplified by only presenting search criteria that are understood by each group.


The website follows AA accessibility guidelines. Colour contrast and text sizes were kept aligned to the AA standards. Rigorous testing was carried out on the visual design to ensure the audience found content legible and easy to use.


Apprenticeship course search
With over 3000 examples of apprenticeship occupations available, each displayed based on multiple conditional variables, the search on the website needed to be nimble and easy to use. A web application for the search was built which effectively acted as a website within a website. The controls for the search are carried through to the apprenticeship detail view which provides a lateral search experience between content.


User-tailored ‘single page’ search experience
The site generates what is virtually a \’single page communication piece\’ tailored to the user and giving them quick access to the specific information they need. The search experience is dynamically created in 2 steps – firstly establishing the \’subject\’ of the communication and data to be published (through filtering the enquiry across a huge database), and then in step 2, adding richness through drawing in resources developed expressly for that \’single subject\’ (industry-specific resources like job pathway charts, videos, and so on).

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