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The Integra BioSmart is a Victorian designed, made and user-friendly electronic height-adjustable desk converter. It has been designed with a unique cantilevered keyboard mount where with the simple touch of a button, it lowers and raises the user’s monitor, keyboard and mouse to a perfect position. The BioSmart is scalable and allows for up to three screens expandability, laptop facility and additional space for paperwork and telecommunications. The aspiration behind this unique desk converter is to cost effectively transform office spaces into a modern and work-safe environment in order to relieve desk-bound professionals from health issues associated with sedentary behaviour.

Key Features


Local & Ergonomic Approach to Product Design
The BioSmart distinguishes itself with the following features:
1. World-class electronic height adjustability.
2. Structural composition resting on a small footprint.
3. Ability to hold up to three screens simultaneously.

The BioSmart is manufactured in our local facility from innovative design for manufacture methods that result in folds, dimples and flanging techniques that maximise the strength in high stress zones of a unique cantilever structure, while minimising the weight and steel volume of the product. This ensures that the aesthetic and ergonomic benefits of the BioSmart are not compromised by a sturdy structure.


Impact on Health and Business Performance

The latest challenge in exercise science has been to strike a balance between sitting and standing time in an office setting. Despite popular beliefs, regular and intense exercises after work do not address the ramifications of prolonged sitting. Since its launch on the industrial and corporate market, the BioSmart has allowed users to overcome these health issues by balancing the shift between sitting and standing, all by the simple touch of a button. Its impact on users and buyers has been a heightened physical and mental wellbeing and a strong feeling of satisfaction arising from a sound and sustainable financial investment.


Transforming a Business the Integra Way

Research has shown a direct link between healthy employees and improved work performance. The BioSmart has brought with it innovation in furniture product design, transforming office spaces into modern workspaces. Statistics have shown that 71% of individuals are more focused, 66% more productive and 33% less stressed. Employees are more alert, task-driven, have a better posture and show higher energy levels especially in the afternoons. They also feel valued at work and this results in loyalty and dedication toward their employers. It is the sturdiness and ease of operation of the BioSmart that sustains the longevity of these results.


Novelty and Innovation

BioSmart users are provided with a range of features to choose from and can further customise their orders to meet their particular requirements. Based on the user’s feedback and experience, Integra Transform constantly focuses on the innovation and evolution of the BioSmart to exceed customers’ expectations. This has resulted in a one-touch electronic desk converter now equipped with a Bluetooth controller for height adjustment and scientifically-proven adjustment instructions for its users. To enhance performance, an app-based control, suitable for smartphones and desktops, has also been integrated into the BioSmart allowing its users to monitor sit-stand duration and record the number of calories burnt per day.


Recognition on the Local Market

Integra Systems’ products division – Integra Transform – revolves around the ‘Innovating for Performance’ culture. At the heart of their facility in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, the engineers at Integra Transform work collaboratively with in-house manufacturers to combine and dedicate their expertise and passion for product design, industrial design and mechanical engineering to the constant development of this unique desk-converter. To acknowledge and reward the BioSmart on the Victorian market, RMIT University Ergonomist David Trembearth, based in Melbourne, has evaluated and rated the BioSmart as the safest, sturdiest and most user-centric desk converter on the market.

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