Innovative North Facing Housing Templates


  • Spacerepublica Pty Ltd.


100% innovative north facing affordable housing templates with green streets to play in.

Key Features


1. 100% innovative North facing.
2. Liveable streets, that can grow food and provide flexible playgrounds.
3. Greater connection to outdoor space.
4. Great connection with outdoor spaces.
5. Indigenous precast concrete facade series with creepers.
6. Unique design.
7. Efficient parking models.
8. One-way streets to provide more safety so with management can be used as flexible playgrounds on quieter Sundays.
9. High ratio of private open space to floor area.
10. Smaller amount of land allocated to cars and create dual-use.
11. This design provides new functionality, aesthetics, quality and sustainability combination. A strong design process has optimized and improved over time.


1. The project provides social Indigenous inclusion options.
2. The project maximises solar gain & efficient commercial land usage with dual function streets and facades to grow food in the street.
3. The project uses materials that are durable long-lasting which also provide acoustic qualities to enhance its life cycle with passive house material options.


1. The project sets new benchmarks in design by more efficient land use, more functional streets /private open space and Indigenous inclusion options.
2. The design advances the profession in Victoria Australia and the world and has the potential to be a high impact project globally.
3. The project does contribute to the reputation and status of Victoria’s design and creative culture with innovative dual uses and functions.


1. The project helps with the problem of single-use streets.
2. The project helps with food growing with facades/fences used to grow food.
3. The floor plans are innovative with all north-facing living areas.

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