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  • NeedleCalm Pty Ltd


Our medical device has been designed to help alleviate the pain and anxiety of needle related procedures and streamline the process for clinicians.

Currently there is no cost effective and practical solutions available for regular use.

Key Features


The design has been developed over the past 4 years after extensive testing and user experience feedback.

The design encompasses human factors engineering whilst providing the maximum amount of patient comfort.

With simplicity and ease of use also at the core of the design it is able to be used for all needle related procedures on every area of the body where needles are typically given.


The potential for impact is unfathomable.

Many people are already avoiding healthcare and have a dislike of needles. (20-40% and 95% of children).

With approx. 129 million needle related events per year given in AU (pre-covid) the problem is already creating a burden on the healthcare system.

Recent data shows that 59% of Australians are hesitant to seek medical attention and are concerned about the upcoming Covid vaccinations.

Our device and company are well positioned to assist the national uptake vaccine strategy goal of 95% of people vaccinated.


Quick and easy injection experience.
Cost benefit to hospitals and other clinical settings with regards to procedure efficiency and patient turnover.


The design is back by scientific theory to block the flow of pain signals to the brain.

It is disposable with a long shelf life and disposable yet for home injections the device is able to be used multiple times in a non-clinical setting.

All materials are biocompatible and provide thermodynamic support.


Provides additional support for more individuals to access treatment.

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