Inflatable Boat Dock.


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The Inflatable Boat Dock was designed when there was a need to provide a platform to assist people of all ages and abilities to board a vessel. After noting that there was nothing in the market that provided this, a 4-year research project begun, by collecting the information and identifying who and how the Dock would best serve its customers. Prototypes were built and tested while all the information was collated. Several more prototypes were constructed and improved to provide us with the product that we have today.

Key Features


The Inflatable Boat Dock was designed to provide a giant buffer around the bow to protect the hull from shoreline damage and solid objects like houseboats and jetties. The dock can be operated by one person and can be inflated to 10psi. The materials are UV rated and will not pollute the waterways. Softer EVA foam is placed on the surface to provide a cooler and non-slip surface for the user, whether it\’s used as a boat dock or a swimming jetty the Boat Dock provides a safe platform for anyone of any age or ability to board a vessel


Currently, old used car tires are used along shorelines to reduce the damage to the hull of the boat. Old tires do some damage and leave marks on the hull and pollute the waterways. The Boat Dock replaces old tires and eliminates any damage to the boat hull and eliminates pollution to the waterways. 1.265mil people have a motorboat/speedboat in Australia (2018 statistics) with 30k new registered recreational boats every year.
The Boat Docks use zero resources to operate or function and its life is infinite. The materials are UV stabilised and will not pollute the water


The inflatable Boat Dock has combined dropstich material and quad seem joining process with its unique design to create a product that is the first of its kind in the world today. It uses traditionally soft materials to create a strong and robust product yet relativity light in weight. The Boat Dock will hold a boat up to 100 times its own weight of 30kg. It changes the way many boating traditions are used and eliminates damage caused by way-wood docking manoeuvres. It uses no energy in its daily function and it is easy to operate.


The Inflatable Boat Dock makes it possible for anyone, young and old, with disabilities or injuries, to access the boat while protecting the boat from being damaged along the shoreline or behind a houseboat or jetty. By using new material types and construction methods we can provide a solid platform to suit the task.
The unique shape and centre Vee characteristics force the Dock into action when parking your boat. This temporally holds the vessel in place. When not used by boats the centre Vee design allows swimmers to easily climb in and out of the water with minimal effort


The Inflatable Boat Dock provides a temporary docking station for your vessel where ever it\’s needed.

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