Indoor Fabric Presentation, Selection and Sales Kit


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The Indoor Fabric Presentation, Selection & Sales Kit is brand new design system.
Taking a consumer centric approach the kit enables a consultant from one of Viewscape\’s retail partners to comprehensively assess needs and build an experience that delights and fits beautifully into people\’s lives.
The kit incorporates fabric and blind category selection for light control, privacy and window adornment and also includes tools for use in home to help both the consumer and retail partner provide the most beautiful blind design for the consumer\’s home.
The kit represents a manifestation of our values of Continuous Improvement, Progressive Thinking & Collaboration.

Key Features


Design Excellence

Previous swatching folders have been difficult to carry, use and display to consumers. Retail partners require a comprehensive solution that clearly displays fabric categories, blind categories and allows the consumer to visualize the product in the home.
Weighing just 6.6 kg and having both a durable and thoughtful design the Indoor Fabric Presentation and Sales Kit is functional while providing a greater aesthetic appeal for in home use.


Design Impact

The current market relies on difficult to use cumbersome sales binders that show little design affinity for the consumer or the retail partner consultant using them, which typically occurs in the home.
The take up by our national retail partners exceeds 750 units as they see the ease of use, product selection and visualization benefits of the kit.
By design the Kit can be used by a smaller retailer or a corporate customer as the focus in on the correct selection of benefits for the consumer.
Key design though has focused on building a device that aids selection and promotes the consumer benefits to the key needs of the homeowner.


Design Transformation

In collaboration with The Design 2 Business Program run by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources, Viewscape has redeveloped Design philosophy to all elements of its business.
Starting with a revised Vision, Values and Purpose, Viewscape has adopted a consumer-centric approach that has design at its very core.
A natural extension of this was a revised and improved Indoor Fabric Presentation, Selection & Sales Kit which aids consumer selection and builds a retail partnership that enables seamless customer fulfilment.


Design Innovation

To carry out the project two new innovations to overcome weaknesses in traditional sales kits had to be created.
Typically kits had relied on binder ring technology which over-time suffered durability issues as well as making presentations slower and more difficult for consultants as swatches were clicked in and out of the binder. This was overcome by collaboration with a supplier (Megara) to develop unique click in click out polypropylene latches that created ease of use and complete durability.
The second innovation was the use of the Customer Visualization Tool which allows visualization of a particular blind style against a particular fabric. The tool makes selection easier and combined with better segmentation of fabrics by property and light control, allows the consumer to match the benefits they need for their home more readily.

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